What is Trendy Verified

What we stand for

In a world where buying luxury items can sometimes be difficult, we have stepped in to make that process easier. With prices and styles constantly changing, it can be hard to figure out if you are getting an authentic item, much less getting a fair deal. Our large inventory and long list of resellers can help you get the best item for the best price. If you are ready to start buying and selling, click here or learn more below.

Verification process

When shopping with TrendyGodzilla, you can be assured that all items have been Trendy Verified by one of our staff members and are 100% authentic. We go to great lengths, making sure every item is authentic, and accurately described. All items in stock have been verified, while items that come from third-party resellers are verified before shipping to you.
All verification team members have been trained to spot any qualities that could indicate items being fake. Those same team members also have at least one authentic item to reference from during the verification process. Items listed on our site have been thoroughly looked over to ensure authenticity. This process is included with your reservation fee, which covers basic shipping, the verification process, and a downpayment for your item. To learn more about the buying process, click here.