Trendy Runners

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Commonly Asked Questions
What is "Trendy Verified"?
Trendy verified is an inspection process that ensures that each item shows minimums flaws and maximum quality. 

 Do they run big or small? We have done the work and measured each shoe.


How long will shipping take?   (All Orders are Processed Immediately)
Express shipping allow 1-2 week for delivery. 
What's in the package?
This product either comes with an original shoebox. As a Courtesy, We cover ALL related International Shipping, Luxury, & Sales TAXES on Your Order at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (US, CANADA, UK, EU Only). 
Got a Question?
Feel free to contact us via 
At TrendyGodzilla, we believe in providing our customers with an unrivaled sense of service and will go the extra mile to do so. We hope that you enjoy our products and thank you for giving us our opportunity to rock your world.